Tapestry Project - The Battle Of Stamford Bridge Tapestry Project

The Battle Of Stamford Bridge Tapestry Project
Full update details are on the FaceBook page for the tapestry project where you can find out more and keep in touch with the skilled embroiders who meet on a regular basis to work on the panels and socialise. 


Hello Everyone, and welcome to the BOSBS Tapestry project.

There are over 60 people now involved with the project.

There will be many more emails/newsletters etc. as we progress.

Thank you to everyone who attended our inaugural meeting/workshop on Sat 7th March. What a fantastic start. I have not stopped thinking of how to plan and organise this project and have had to rethink my earlier plans (more later). For those who could not attend, don't worry. There will be more workshops and meetings.

Thanks to Chas, for organising the workshops and giving us the benefit of his vast knowledge and expertise, and to Sheila and Dorrie who worked on the Fulford tapestry and will be guiding us along.

I am now starting the process of planning the next stages and producing a project plan. Please bear with me for a little while as this is quite involved but I will keep you up to date as much as possible.

In the mean time - have a look at Bayeux tapesrty websites ( there is a full size copy in Reading museum which we might want to visit as a group) and do as much of your own research as possible into the Battle Of Stamford Bridge so we can get the story and all relevant information and detail accurately into OUR Tapestry.

You might want to do some embroidery practice! I will be putting some drawings of the figures and animals etc. for you to download.
It will be a Marathon not a sprint, but we want this piece of British History to have it's place alongside Bayeux and Fulford and perhaps, all 3 displayed together.

How's that for starters?

many thanks


May Update

May 17th 2015 Workshop  - Great turn out and some excellent work. Here are a few pics. of our hard workers!

Work is progressing very well with both the embroiderers and the design team.

I visited Reading Museum to see and compare the Bayeux tapestry with our excellent show piece done by Viv Stamford (Good name for the project!!)

Comparisons between the Reading and our tapestry 'sample'

Aug Update 2015

Decisions were made on the colours, wool, linen, frames and  drawing transfer.

Huge thanks go to everybody for your enthusiasm, patience and hard work so far. I would also like to thank Shirley Smith for here vast expertise and experience and to Romy for helping us make the right decisions. Over 30 people came along. The design is 90% complete and was presented to all. Everyone thought it was 'excellent'.

Here is a taster of the first panel -