Heritage Weekend - 28/29 June - Some PICTURES OF DAY.

                        Battle Of Stamford Bridge Society
                  Website -   www.thebattleofstamfordbridge.blogspot.co.uk

             Heritage Weekend
                June 28/29th

                in the Village hall from 10am - 5pm

Some Pictures of the (Great) day

4 Dodgy Characters!

So where's the engine?

Getting ready for Pillaging
The Winning Spear Pie

Tasting  Time


Come and join us for 2 days of enjoyment, reminiscing and fun as we celebrate and commemorating the History of Stamford Bridge
from the Iron Age to Present day.

There will be displays of – Iron Age, Vikings and Saxons, War of the Roses, Civil war, Railway, Victorians, First & Second World war, plus others, including lots of pictures/videos and information of the Village.

Come and meet the re-enactors of these periods and perhaps join in with some of their activities.

SPEAR PIE COMPETITION - we are holding our second competition and invite you to make a pie. The winner will receive a trophy.
Full details and recipe are on our website. –  (We will have some professionally made pies for sale & our NEW Recipe book)

Bridge Toll – we intend to have a 'Voluntary Toll' to cross the bridge. It will be manned by friendly Vikings who are only here to pillage!!!!

GET INVOLVED – by dressing up in a period of YOUR choice. It would be great to have people walking about the village in costumes etc.
So dig out your 70's flares or Great grandparents Victorian clothes.
Businesses could hang out bunting and/or
dress as shopkeepers from a bygone era.

More details and information will be distributed soon but check our website for regular updates.

    For more info. Contact Chris (01759 369897) email chrisrock62@hotmail.com) or  Tom (371638)