Save Fulford Battlefield campaign

The Battle of Fulford 20 September 1066.

The site of the first of the 3 battles of 1066 is under threat of development despite evidence that it should be listed as an ancient monument like Hastings and Stamford Bridge.

Below is a letter outlining the case. Please use this to inform ANYONE you know (and those you don't) in an effort to save this historic piece of English Heritage.


What Price OUR Heritage?

As you read this the bulldozers and diggers are about to destroy a major historical battle site at FULFORD near YORK.

WHY? I hope you are asking. The answer I believe is a lack of knowledge about one of the 3 major battle sites of 1066, and a large developer (Persimmon, whose headquarters are in York) who don't seem to care.

2016 sees the 950th anniversary of the events of 1066. We all know about Hastings and how the victors (The Normans) wrote the history, but what about the other 2 battles?

The first was Fulford, followed by Stamford Bridge, both of which were major battles and arguably just as significant as Hastings. BUT - Although Stamford Bridge and Hastings are listed and protected as ancient monuments despite NO EVIDENCE BEING FOUND, Fulford IS NOT! despite evidence and a 10 year campaign by one man to save the site.

Note: Even recently the site of the famous battle of Bosworth has been proved wrong when NEW EVIDENCE was found approximately 1.5 miles away.

The case has been fought in the High Court and, because of 'technicalities' and a powerful lobby by well paid lawyers by the developer, the lack of support by York Council officials, the law is unable to dismiss the application to build many homes on the site.

More evidence can only build the case that Fulford is the place of the battle, then it can be saved, even at this late and desperate hour. Historic England cannot ignore the proof and must back the claim and register the site as a listed battlefield. Not to do this would undermine their whole existence for being the guardians of our heritage.

THIS IS A DISGRACE. If you agree then please help to have this application overturned by taking action. You cand start by  writing, talking, broadcasting, sign a petition, Facebooking, Twittering to EVERYONE YOU KNOW.

Why not start with the local MP and council members and ask them what they are prepared to do?
It's at times like this when the true spirit of the British comes forth (Remember the POLL Tax!).

YOUR SUPPORT IS NEEDED NOW!!! or another piece of our heritage will be lost.
You can still visit and see the site (surrounded by wire fencing) but this may not be for long.
More detailed information is on the Battle of Fulford website -

Thanks you for reading this

Tom Wyles (Late)
Secretary of The Battle Of Stamford Bridge Society (a listed and protected site without any evidence!!!)  website –